Stick war walkthrough

stick war walkthrough

Watch the full walkthrough for Stick War, play it here: / stick - war. Stick war game walkthrough enjoy! alsoCheck out the game review at. n The Archidons are a simple unit who can easily be renders useless with a single user. Ein Stick War Walkthrough Video mit Lösungen, Tipps und Tricks um schwierige Level zu bestehen. Sign In Don't have an account? A good combinations of Archidons and swordman are required here,with a spearton thrown in if you prefer. Every time one swordwrath dies, get another swordwrath. Eventually the giant will die. This 2D fantasy strategy sequel features a revamped interface, full mouse control and improved graphics. Stage 8, Free Westwind: Oh, and make sure you keep buying swordwrath all the time. Take control of one of your miners, and mine continuously. At this point it's likely you have used some of your upgrade points on increasing the which was wise because swordwrath are very strong up close and will slice your club men in half. A Spearton or two accompanied by Archidons can easily beat this level,as they are immune to headshots and have a high damaging attack and good blocking chance. Attack or be attacked You have to keep in mind that magikill are very powerful but are also equally expensive for the enemy to create. It will take forever for you to destroy it with just archidons. I understand that you are doing it for the people reading this, and I commend you for it. Follow the advice that was repeated billions of times already: If he turns around, you go behind him again. You will need a few swordwrath, or even just one if you're good enough. stick war walkthrough

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After this level upgrade your swordwrath's club by 3 levels now you know why leaving the extra upgrade point was essential. To play even more games, head over to the 2d page, the battle page, the fantasy page, or just check out the all time best games page. Recently Changed Pages Shadowrath Stick War 2 New Unit Miner Wall Tower Spawn Death Animations Friend Matches. Host Your Game on Kongregate An open platform for all web games! Keep exploring Kongregate with more badges and games! You may need to fortify quickly to sucker the magikill into getting too close at times. Control one of the swordwrath and run round to the giant's behind.

Stick war walkthrough Video

Stick war Level 1 - 12 Insane Mode This guy's really really useless because he can't actually damage the enemy, and his minions are useless see. Post Reply You must be logged in to post a reply! But they are designed to force you to keep thinking up new strategy and not keep playing the same old way. You need to allow it. The spearton would be the horror games free pc most likely unit to be used as compared to the useless archidon or the wild west online game. Trending with Friends Activity Feed g Register or sign in to start receiving activity updates from around Kongregate! Badges Recommended for Me Action Badges Rarest Badges Racing Badges Easiest Unearned Puzzle Badges Newest Badges All Badges Quests All Quests. Their weakness is archidons and distance. Sign In Don't have an account? A few hits on your statue and you are done, don't let him get close! You will need a few swordwrath, or even just one if you're good enough. There are four waves with each wave adding another native to the wave.

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